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appellate courts. including the successful constitutional defense of the religious freedom restoration act and the inclusion of the in god we trust on federal currency. she spent over a decade in the solicitor general's office. her stellar reputation led a bipartisan -- a bipartisan group of seven former solicitors general to praise her as unfailingly fair-minded. in 2004, republican attorney general john ashcroft awarded ms. millet the attorney general's distinguished service award for representing the interests of the united states before the supreme court. and since 2007, she's led the supreme court practice in the washington, d.c. office of akin-gump. her work in are private practice spans commercial litigation and administrative law, constitutional matters, strat industry tri construction, even criminal appeals. she's represented army reservists and business interests including the chamber of commerce as well as civil rights plaintiffs. ms. millet is a nominee with unquestionable integrity and character. she's committed herself to pro bono work. she has done this throughout her career
, the president launched another defense from boston. mike has more on the story. >> reporter: the president's hss secretary called the website a debacle today, john. even as the president was defending the law, and drawing parallels with another high-profile launch that had its share of problems. before there was obamacare, there was romney care, the massachusetts law that was the model for the affordable care act. visiting boston, president obama said the comparison sil hold. >> because you guys had a truman model that we built, the affordable care act on this tem platte. >platte. >> the president spoke on the same site that romney did. the president said that they will be happier with a new plan. >> so if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> for some, that deal could mean higher monthly costs than they played in the old plan. >> if you can, will you. health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius. >> hold me accountable. i'm responsible. >> republics charged that the reb sight wasn't secure, and the applicant
playing defense who repeatedly says he simply wasn't aware there would be problems that would ultimately lead to a disastrous rollout. joining us now, fox news host, governor mike huckabee, who is here to offer his perspective. governor, great to have you. let me ask you first, what we're seeing is a law designed to cover the uninsured. it's now booting far more people off their insurance plans than it can sign up. right now, on the nonfunctioning insurance exchanges. governor, the longer this goes on, what does this do to the president who can't distance himself from a law he set in motion and the cornerstone of his leadership agenda. >> he really can't, uma. the fact is, he can say i didn't know about these problems. well he should have known. frankly, i don't believe for a moment that he didn't know. no less than nbc indicated that the president knew three years ago that everything he was saying at the podium, if you like your health insurance you can keep it. he knew that wasn't true. if he had explained that more people would lose their insurance than would keep it and that this pro
, the defense bill, move them all individually. there is not enough time when we talk about the calendar. there is not enough time to move all of the bills individually at this point. host: sarah from dover, pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i would like to change the subject a little bit if i can. i live on medicare. the medicare and food stamps -- i am surviving on $125 a week. if they take food stamps away from me -- the -- [indiscernible] he needs to feeds us first before he feeds anyone else. and also, we have a place to live. our guys come home from the service. they are losing because they have no place to live. i would like to see that to happen, too. thank you. host: there is a story in politico. the headline talks about the farm bill that it gets no respect, referencing rodney dangerfield. why is this an important discussion happening? guest: the last time we had a farm bill, that law expired in 2008. what is it, 2013? it has been five years since we had a new farm bill passed. the fact they are going into conference to sit down in both chambers, that is huge. that is somethi
bills yesterday without scoring a single touchdown on offense, but who cares when your defense can score two touchdowns? you know the chiefs were the worst team in the nfl last season. they won just two games. it's been an improbable turnaround. they have now won nine in a row. their best start in ten years. now the chiefs look ahead to a nice bye week, guys. and then they will be tested because people have said, well, the kansas city chiefs to a 9-0 start and haven't played anybody yet and haven't beat any good teams. they play the denver broncos twice in three weeks so we will see. >> it's hard to beat them twice in three weeks but 9-0 is impressive and no one guessed that. >>> coming up for us next, edward snowden manifest tow of truth is what he is calling it. he is ghademanding the u.s. dro espionage charges against him and why he is suggesting he is is not criminal. >>> a bizarre security breach at o'hare airport. an alligator on the loose in terminal 3! what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you
to disclose why you're on offense. you don't want to have to make up for it when you're on defense. now you're on defense and somebody else has brought this to the public attention and they're having to deal with this on defense. that's not the position that the administration wants to be in the president could very easily have said -- and this would not have been a big deal to say, the vast majority of americans will be able to keep their health care as it exists now under obama care. and for the small number of 5% of the insurance market that -- >> do you mean they knew? >> that's a really good question. john mentioned the word credibility. i think there's an accretion of things happening that make it feel like obama care is unfolding in a wait administration never even saw. we have the web site disasters, we have these numbers of people who are losing their plans, which these numbers seem much higher than anything that was suggested. and i think americans, certainly i'm getting the sense that the administration kind of really didn't see clearly what the consequences of its own signature
defense. legal panel weighs in coming up. t or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? jip breaking news on top headlines and brand new stories you'll only see here. new problems for the obamacare website as the white house braces for more hearings on just what went wrong. we'll go live to the pentagon on a disturbing new report to find iran may be much closer to producing a nuclear weapon than anyone thought. and this man said he was just trying to help police nab a suspected rapist when he shot the fugitive dead. our legal panel on the slew of charges he now faces. it's all "happening now." jon: thanks for joining us for the second hour of "happening now." jenna: and happening now, a white house in damage control as the hits from fugitive leaker edward snowden continue to keep on coming. just as the white house is fending off reports t
on the defensive about its medical care program. the secretary of state got an earful while the penalty promoted it. we have more from washington. >> before there was obamacare, there was romney care, the massachusetts law that was a model for the affordable care act. visiting boston, president obama said the comparison still holds. >> because you guys had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. >> the president spoke in the same spot where mitt romney, his former rival signed the massachusetts law seven years ago. with many now having their existing health care plans canceled, even after he repeatedly promised they could keep them, the president now says they'll be happier with the new plan. >> if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> but for some, that deal could mean higher monthly costs than they paid under their old plan. >> will you go into the exchanges -- >> i -- >> if you can, will you? >> on capitol hill, republicans attacked the changes and person in charge of them, health and hum
of defense at the airport that includes local police and other enforcement support. that support was very much evident in los angeles. that part of the system having law enforcement protect the security checkpoint areas were "z" work. they were able to take down this person. >> when you say that, you're saying that this could have been a lot worse? >> certainly. from all appearances it looks like this was a lone person, not someone with a coordinated plan with several other people. certainly if aid group of people armed the way this person was they could overwhelm any check point in any airport in this country. but the fact is there is more than one way to protect the airport, the people in that airport, and the aircraft at that airport. and they don't have to go beyond the check point. there are thousands of people in the non-secure area of the lax who would have been easy targets. >> i don't want it to seem that we're michae minimizing the losf life. one loss of life is too much. i zin mean to imply that, but talk to us about what the rules are that are allowed in the airport. there are
't have law enforcement options such as carrying weapons with them. however, there is a layer of defense at every airport that includes police and other levels of support. and that support was evident in los angeles. that part of the system that is having law enforcement protecting the security checkpoint areas did actually work. >> so when you say that, it sounds like you're saying that this actually could have been a lot worse. >> certainly. from all appearances it looks like this was a lone person, not someone who had a coordinated plan with several other people. certainly if you had a group of people who were armed the way this person was, they could ea easily overwhelm any checkpoint at any airport in this country. but the fact of the matter is that there is more than one way to protect the airport, and to protect the aircraft, and to protect the people in that airport. and certainly if this person had an intent to randomly kill passengers they don't have to go beyond the check point. there are thousands of people in the non-secure area of l.a.x. who would have been easy targets. bu
on us. they play great defense against us over the years. their pass rushers are legitimate pass rushers. >> we didn't score a point until the second half. we had to play a tough game to pull one out. it's always a really good game. >> linebacker mcclain is hoping for a good game. he gets the starting nod on sunday. he continues his impressive comeback from a spinal cord contusion that threatened to end his career. sunday will be his second game back. ravens back from a bye week. coverage comes your way sunday at 4:15. as for the cleveland trip, the ravens have a home game against the bengals who are playing right now in miami. cincy going for a fifth straight win. college basketball in baltimore tonight, the greyhounds warming up. check out this burst from r.j . williams. takes it strong to the bucket. he's a graduate of st. francis high school. another local talent is cormere. he takes matters into his own hands and gets 2 of his 27 points. their season starts a week from friday. and 24 hours after winning the world series, the red sox take the trophy on tour. the guy on the right is s
the president should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality the nsa saved thousands of lives, not only in the cites, france, germany, throughout europe. >> reporter: the wall street journal -- after a white house review uncovered the operation this summer. suzanne mcguinness, cbs news, washington. >>> "the american journalist first reported secret documents given to him by edward snowedden tweeted the guardian newspaper will publish a new spying revelation today. >>> developing news in southern england. at least two people died in a powerful storm hammering region. winds up to 99 miles per hour knocked out power to more than 220,000 people. heath row airport refusing the number of flights today because of that severe weather. >>> time now is 6:09. michael jackson's former doctor a free man. the state law that let conrad murray out of jail. >>> reopening day on new york's ellis island a year after super storm sandy -- >>> the big typo that took the field during yesterday's game. >>> high-def doppler showing light rain falling over the santa cruz mountains. for more on this, p
on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations. >> reporter: our european allies still not satisfied with this defense. i met last night with the vice president of the european parliament who said a serious trust deficit remains and that deficit is likely to have consequences, including on a major trade agreement the two sides are discussing right now. kate and chris, you have a german delegation visiting the white house. the issue that seems to spark the most anger for the european side is not just that spying take place but it went right up to the leaders such as angela merkel. that's the issue that sparks the most anger. >> all right, jim, thank you so much. interesting, though. mike rogers always says, that's why the president has to have an encrypted blackberry and cell phone. everyone is trying to spy on president obama as well. >> we don't know how much the politics is masking the practicalities these days. >> good one. >>> another storm, not of the political nature, a real on
administration on defensive for another day. kathleen sebelius called the website a debacle. the president went on fe defense today comparing it to another launch that had it's share of problems. >> before obamacare there was romney care. visiting boston president obama said the come p comparison stil. you had a model that we built the affordable care bein care bs temperaturtelltemplate. >> the president says they'll be happier with a new plan. >> if you are getting that deal could mean a higher monthly ctv. zblrntle on dpol hill the republicans attacked the changes. kathleen sebelius was the second in a number of days to apologize for the debacle. the applicants financial data could be compromised. >> would you shutdown the system and give a security test. >> no sir if you read the memo. >> >> i have read it. >> the weekly testing of the devices and including interface testings daily and weekly scans are going on. taken together the problems with the launch have given the republicans an opening to regain footing. >> it's the president's ultimate spoferencibility, correct. spofer
by accident and lived to tell about it, yes. in the faa's defense, there's a difference between idol cell phones on takeoff and landing and dozens of devices uploading and downloading data. it made sense to go slowly. it makes sense to go this. concerns about passengers being distracted during risky times of flight. when things go wrong on rare occasions they do, it happens during takeoff and landing. books and magazines distract us too. that argument didn't hold much water. it made sense to wait. >> i understand the argument that maybe they are distracted. but i just - what i don't really understand is why it took so long to determine electronically and to do all the technical studies that they need that show that it never had any effect. as you say, there were plenty of people who probably had their phones on. >> no, no question. and look, the faa has sort of taken the global lead in doing this. different parts of the world have gone at different speeds. there are places in the world where you can use a cell phone during flight. you can't do that in the united states. but the faa, in th
the cuts of safety michael huff, and defensive end marcus spears. both free agents signed in the off season. they will be replaced by two practice squad players. and remember, you can see the game against the browns, sunday afternoon, live at 4:15, here on wjz. >>> an update now on the lion cubs born at the maryland zoo in baltimore earlier this month. the cubs are now 26 days old. and their eyes are completely open. they are growing quickly. they're slowing interest in playing with each other. that's a good developmental sign, rather than, you know, being mean to each other. >> yeah. we don't want to see that, right? >> you know, siblings. >>> in a few weeks, the zoo will seek the public's help, naming those cubs. you know what? we could just roll that footage for the next 50 minutes. >> i think people would be happy with it. >> our ratings would go through the roof. they are so cute. my goal is to hold one of them, kai. as a follow-up to when i went out there when they were first born. >> maybe that's your next story when you go out there. >> they're never going to let me. i know it. i'll
offered a steady defense of the overall obama care program. the website will be fixed, she promised, and in the long run more americans will have better coverage. cnn investigations correspondent chris frakes joins me now from washington. chris, a couple questions for you from this hearing here. the hearing this morning clearly hit on the issues, the glitches, whatever you want to call it with the website. it also got into reports that obama care is causing a lot of people to lose the coverage they already have and that is something president obama always said would never happen. take a listen. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under the reform proposals we put forward. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep it. if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. if you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor too. we will keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. if you like y
to be fired while players and parents are rushing to their defense. halloween brings out costumes. >> it does. >> let's back it up. tell us more about where the coaches were and what happened. >> last week we were talking about the university of colorado dean who was putting out these letters to students. one of the things they were telling them is to not dress up in black face. these coaches did dress up like the jamaican bobsled team on halloween, putting this picture up on facebook with the caption cool runnings. the fallout begins. there was a parent who saw the picture on facebook, thought it was offensive and called the xal. now t now the coaches are under investigation. they did apologize to their team but they are still being investigated by the school. >> there's been mixed reaction. some understandably upset. they're not setting a good example for anybody. some of the players who have spoken out, defending them. >> there are both black and white people coming to their defense and saying what's offensive about this? we really don't see the big deal. they were dressing up like this fo
, to defense matters, to economic matters. i'm a strong supporter of it. >> reporter: the director of national intelligence, james clapper announced overnight he's declassifying a trove of documents about collection under the foreign intelligence surveillance act or fisa. this is the act that authorized collection of data on virtually every telephone caller here in the u.s. and later today, clapper and the head of the nsa, keith alexander, will be testifying on the hill. kate, we can expect them to face hard questions as well. >> surveillance about american citizens made some sense. i wonder if they're getting pushed too far, jim. thanks for the reporting this morning. let's head to the white house. they say they're going to declassify and review everything. brianna keilar with more this morning. is the white house abandoning the program. >> would you would wonder if you are listening to democratic senate chairman of the intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, she said, quote, collection on our allies will not continue. but one senior administration official that i've checked with said that
it? maybe. most likely. did he lie? i have possible but the secretary of defense not conclusive. here is the example of a provable lie just so you know. last night bill maher progressive zealot accused me of promoting the republican party, implying that i used talking points from the g.o.p. that's a lie. i have never received republican talking points in my life. anyone who watches this program knows but moore doesn't care. he has nothing to lose by spouting dishonest jibber irish. he makes money doing it president obama has a lot to do in fact, he could be impeached. if that were proved proved beyond a reasonable doubt. why would the president risk that in the key question in this intense debate? that's the memo. we will read some of your letters on the subject at the end of the broadcast. now joining us from los angeles ebony williams radio talk show host in for kirsten tonight and kate observen observe on -- obama care a great program that will benefit the vast majority of americans. he did not address the lie thing straight on, but indicated that his descriptions of the benefits o
under both the george w. bush and obama administrations. the cia and the defense department denied the findings. in an e-mail to the newshour a pentagon spokesman wrote it is the policy of the department to protect the life and health of detainees by humane and appropriate clinical needs. and in accordance with all applicable law and policy. in addition to seeking that response from the pentagon we canned an official to appear on the program but were turned down. we are joined now by dr. stephen xenakis, retired army brigadier-general and member of the task force, now in private practice and also serves as consultant to several defense teams. and lee casey say former justice department official during the regular and and first bush administration, he practiced law and writes opinion comes for the wage waj and other publicationment welcome to both of you. stephen xenakis, broadly speak the allegations in this report seem to be that the military pushed medical personnel to do certain things and that they acquiesce-- acquiesced s it broadly against both? >> it's broadly against the mi
according to the cbo. snap is the first line of defense for the most vulnerable among us and help insure millions of americans and have access to food. the fact the house proposed and passed a bill with such unconsciousble cuts to snap is beyond me. we do not turn backs on farmers seeking help with crob insurance, and we should not turn our backs on hungry americans. according to the environmental working group, taxpayers subsidize 6 # 2% of a cost of farmers insurance premiums. some can be as much as 100% of the cost of the most basic coverage level. crop insurance is the only farm income support program not subject to some of -- some form of means testing. that is why i support the senate language which reduces level of premium subsidies to farmers with aadjusted growth income, and some of the other concerns include the mandatory funding level for outreach and assistance for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. the inclogs of central state university as a land grant institution, and the ability of schools to serve more fruits and vegetables under the fresh fruit and vegetable p
state defense was stifling. gardner wants the pass. michigan rushing -48 yards. the 4th quarter run, goes for a touchdown. michigan state improves to 8-1. the win means the spartans get possession of the paul bunyan trophy. >>> when georgia plays, a short pass to girly. nothing girly about this. going 73-yards to the end zone. neither of these teams are ranked. georgia winning 23-20. >> the nebraska-northwestern game, the unquestioned play of the day. nebraska trailing by three, kellogg throws to the end zone with all he's got. the ball comes down in the crowd where it's tip and into the arms of jordan westercamp. 49 yards on the score as the cornhuskers win. the loss keeps northwestern winless in the big ten. >>> still to come on this saturday night edition of sports. the giants make a move that doesn't surprise anyone but signals cup else and perry is pest golfers in the charles schwab cup. kenny perry stands to take home $1 million. perry about the birdie putt at 13. he's tied for seven. perry can't win. he's hooting for fred couples. they will hit in the middle of the green and
, we can't afford the basic things in government that we need, like a decent national defense or expenditures on science and technology. the chinese seem to have a better space program than we do these days. >> you mention defense. we've got a graphic that shows how defense spending as a percentage of the tkpwopd has gone -- as a percent of the g.d.p. has gone down. in 2012 it was 12.3%. fast forward to the 2016 estimate and it looks like just 3.1%. what's the matter with spending less on our national defense, professor? >> let's look at what's happening in the middle east and asia. in the middle east we've abandoned egypt, for example, narrowing our focus. they justify this by saying we're shifting resources to asia. look at what has shifted to asia. not that much. now the japanese, the prime minister is saying that japan has to rearm to protect itself from china because they understand that just as the president abandoned morsi to the mob in the streets, when it really counts on those islands, the americans might not have the punch to do what's needed and they're going to ha
. >> raiders defensive coordinator jason tarver could be facing a fine from the nfl for an obscene gesture directed at the officials during yesterday's win over the steelers. tarver was caught on television flipping the bird toward the officials after a flag was thrown on cornerback mike jenkins for a hit to the head of pittsburgh running back le'veon bell. >> its that time of year again! basketball is finally here. the golden state warriors open the regular season wednesday at the oracle arena. warriors point guard steph curry says he's ready to go. lined we just want to get our bodies are ready and our minds ready for what we need to do. we are looking forward to it. we have lost the last two home openers. we look forward to starting on a better position. >> the warriors' opener regular-season tomorrow against the lakers. >> tiger woods and rory mcilroy a grand entrance to their 18 hole exhibition in china "the match at mission hills" on the back nine at the blackstone course they matched eagles and three birdies. mcilroy caught woods with a birdie on the 14th, and pulled ahead on the 17
capability is enormously important to the united states to the foreign policy to defense matters and economic matters and i'm a strong supporter of it. >> reporter: jim sciutto, cnn, washington. >>> our thanks to jim. >>> is apparently off life support this morning. the obama care website back online after suffering a nationwide network outage over the weekend. later this morning, testifying at the congressional hearing will be an administration for the medicare and medicaid services. 325,000 people have now been able to sign up for private insurance through obama care state-run marketplaces. cnn has learned health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius missed an extended deadline set by house committee to turn over documents about the website and could trigger a congressional subpoena from republicans. >>> lindsey graham is trying to hold up all nominations for federal positions until the outpost in benghazi appear in congress. they say they sent someone there on the night of the attack. the white house is accusing republicans of playing politics with th
of defense. so if there's no further business to come before the senate, i ask that it adjourn under the previous order. the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until 9:30 tomorrow morning.der. mr. mcconnell: i think at this point senators from both parties >> at this point, satterstrom both parties can agree, health is a roving disaster. every day seems to bring more near, calamity. we hear visitors being told things like their wife or their daughter or they have multiple spouses or that they are unable to apply due to current incarceration. unsurprisingly, just 12% of americans think the rollout has gone well. that is less than 14% of americans who believe in bigfoot. those who succeeded in actually enrolling in a thin are vastly outnumbered by those who've actually lost their plans. the real tragedy here is that many who succeeded are finding out the product is actually worse than the website. i mean the only thing the website is to be good at right now is creating punchlines for late-night comedians. it
documents be made public. he said keeping them under wraps is hurting his client's defense. another college classmate of tsarnaev is charged with removing evidence from the suspect bomber's dorm room after the marathon attacks. both of these men have pleaded not guilty. >>> support for the death penalty for convicted murderers appears to be softening in the united states. 60% support for capital punishment. and that's down from the 1990s. >>> san francisco could become the next uggs city to try to tackle diabetes and childhood obesity by taxing sugary drinks. this is what officials are proposing a valid measure in 2014 that would ask voters to approve a two cent per ounce tax on soda and other drinks with added sugar. the measure would require approval from two-thirds of the city's voters to pass. two cents an ounce. >> ouch. >> every sip could count. that is all for "early start" this morning. you guys have a great day, it is time for "new day." >> take it away chris and kate. >> thank you very much. >>> almost the top of the hour means it's time for the top news. ♪ >>> i want to apologi
and defensive ability has led him to be one of the league's leader in steals. his new boss wants him to take a page from crystal petes book. >> your greatest strength blb your greatest weak rns if you can't control that. he is extremely unselfish and is a facilitator. and wants to get everybody else involved. but that is like miss down fall. >> how do you feel about the the national players. >> when there is a mistake made and they are frustrated and whatever is being said in their native language is not being said in english. many teams we don't know what they are saying. from the looks we have an idea. >> it's fun to watch different things fromme from everywhere. and playing request with guys from russiand a america and spain and every where. >> it comes with not the same one but every one has his own style. of music or whatever. >> have they adot p any of your music or style yet? >> not yet. >> in minneapolis. jessica taft al jazeera. >> and now to hockey. the colorado avalanche goalie has won seven of eight games. >> i. his big over the adversary may have nothing to do with hockey. a blu
, and theminister of defense, andonal security advisor, both members of the council of representatives. the ambassador to the united , the chief of staff to the chiefminister, who is the media adviser in the office of the prime minister. the head of the counterterrorism chief of deputy mission to the embassy of iraqi and the major general, the military at tash a for the embassy of the rack. myo joining us today, one of favorite people in all of the world, former secretary of state and the first woman secretary of state, madeleine albright. i'm listing her as part of the includes ourwhich national security advisor and member of our board, ambassador george is who is with us. also a member of our board. .rofessor jeremy ratigan dr. kristin lord is with us, our executive vice president. i would like to recognize a couple of special state department guest. ambassador beth jones, the assistant secretary of state for near east affairs and the u.s. ambassador to iraq. and the deputy assistant secretary of state to a rack and around. and now, i would like to recognize bill taylor, ambassador b
at griffin here, he'll time the move and smothered john felman's shot. look you kids that's help defense. morgan, help defense. griffin had 20 points and 17 boards. six minutes left. kings by two. chris paul for three. paul, three of five. later in the fourth la up by one, paul with a lob to deand re jardan, 26 points, 10 assist, a third straight double, double. clips win it. >> turning to the nhl. semon varlamov was back on the ice just two days after he was arrested on third degree assault charges after he allegedly kicked his girlfriend in the chest and dragged her by the fair. after posting $5,000 bond, semon varlamov was given permission to travel with the team to dallas. he has a restraining order to prevent him seeing his girlfriend. the coach started semon varlamov against the stars. he stopped 27 of 29 shots. the avalanche approving to one and 11. usc continues its climb to respectability since lane kipen was dismissed after the 3 and 2 start. the troejans facing oregon state. first place from scrim ig. watch cody looking for someone deep. finding mark eastly, he's so wide open
, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >> obama care relies healthy people under 35 to fund the coverage for older and sick. two guests tried to sign up for the affordable care act. 30-year-old law student brendan was paying $39 a month and logging on to obama care he found he doesn't have to pay anything at all. covereding to the website he is eligible for medicaid and he will get it for free. and casandra is a stay at home mom with three young kids and another on the way. her family lives on a tight budget and likes the concept of obama care and when she tried to sign up, she found out the costs are too much for her family to handle and she's better off paying the fine. brend an and casandra join me and thank you for being here. brend an, let me start wu. you are lucky to access the website and that is a plus in itself. when you found out you could get health care for less than $39 you were paying was that a surprise to you? >> it was. it is sort of. i mean, at $39 is not the whole st
that. as veteran defensive players, marcus spears and mark huff are both let go. ravens are hoping for a fresh start after their bye week. and they believed that as the weather turns cooler, they're going to heat up. >> reporter: back to work, after a bye week. extra time to ponder a 3-4 record. a losing mark doesn't sit well with the super bowl champions. and they're focused on fixing it, start sunday at cleveland. >> we know --ee we know what time of year it is. you know. i think coach harbaugh will tell you, we built this team on november and december football, on to obviously have a chance to play in january. >> the sky is the limit for us. you can see across our roster, the guys that we have, you know, we gotta make that jump. it's now or never. >> it's the second half of the season. it's our opportunity to become what we're going to become as a football team. we're always chasing that. we're not going to be perfect on sunday. but we need to be our best right now. and hope that that will be good enough. but i real believe we can be a great football team. >> in the six seasons
help chris brown's defense against an alleged assault on a man right here in washington, d.c.? we'll have details. >>> major announcement from the faa about rules for portable electronic devices. find out what it means for you. . >>> this is welcome news for air travelers who, for the first time, will soon be able to use most portable electronics devices throughout their entire flight cnn's chris lawrence is joining us from reagan national airport outside washington, d.c., with this much anticipated announcement from the faa. what are they telling us? >> reporter: you know, wolf, if you've ever been in the middle of a great novel on your kindle and told to shut it down while the guy next to you continues to thumb thus his 600-page hardcover, this is a game changer. basically from now on, once each airline sort of verifies with the faa their planes are okay and they're not going to get any interference, you will be able to play games on your iphone. you'll be able to read your novel on your kindle, you'd be able to go through business files reports, watch a movie on ipad, all durin
of trying to reach a settlement in cases like this? >> one is press defense. the duration of the abuse, severity of torment these people had to endure. >> that's essentially what they factor in in. >> did you think the school actually stood to lose more either in dollars and cents, prestige, by going to court if these cases had actually gone to court? >> no doubt. and also the amounts could have been far bigger. >> right. >> as we know. and it would have been protracted and, you know, it's remembering everything that happened too. it goes in to the news and it gets highlighted all over again. so certainly there is great value in to coming to a swift resolution. >> so if you are the university on a daylight today. we heard a statement from the president but if you are a university on this day with this kind of set thement for this number of victims, 26 young men in all. is this the first step -- no, no, is this the final step in put this is scandal behind the university or just the latest step in that process? >> this is the latest step in the process, they have implemented 115 differen
. the defense argues michelle macneil died of heart disease. senator lindsey graham is not backing down. other lawmakers backing graham's attempt to get answers about the benghazi attack. he will block nominations for federal positions until the administration allows benghazi survivors to talk to congress. four americans including ambassador chris stevens were murdered in the benghazi attack. also on capitol hill today. h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius taking the blame for the botched obama carrollout. testifying before the house energy and commerce committee, secretary sebelius saying, quote: hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. secretary sebelius also saying she told the president the web site was ready to launch october 1st and admitting she was wrong about that. >> and the minute the hearing ended "on the record" going straight to secretary sebelius to try to get more answers. >> madam secretary, any thought to resigning given the severity of the rollout problems? >> madam secretary, do you actually know the numbers of enrollment? i i know that you said that there wasn't
or defense out to dinner and foot the bill. that's more of a rite of passage. i wouldn't consider that hazing. >> the idea that he was being made to pay $15,000 for a trip to vegas he didn't go on, that wouldn't surprise you so much, nor would you necessarily think it was all that rough a thing or all that abnormal? >> well, you know, playing in the nfl, the things that i've seen, none of it really surprises me. the one thing that jumps out at me is really, the nfl isn't for everyone. there are certain people and i was one of the people, you know, i had these ideas and expectations about what the nfl would be, then once i got there, i saw that it wasn't what i thought. so for me, i see this kid very intelligent kid, you know, his parents are attorneys, he went to stanford and this these expectations about what the nfl would be, and if you look at his career, he really hasn't had as much success as he wanted to have and things have been tough, and i'm sure things got out of hand with him and richie, and now we are where we are. >> i want to play for you some sound of the miami dolphins head co
with the support of many groups, including the national farmers union, national corn growers, it national defense fund, it was quite a group and we look forward to working with the house on that. now the senator will address the work we have done with conservation challenges like flooding. we also have limited direct payments to form the commodity programs by strengthening some of the payment limits to make sure the people eligible or farmers and not urban millionaires. we have continued the successful sugar program. the livestock program, and i also strongly support the funding in our bill for the senate energy provision, including expanding homegrown renewable energy as we look at the success of reduced dependence on foreign oil, from 60% to 40%. a lot of it has to deal with what i have seen from biofuels, 10% of our nation's fuel supply, they have been very important to this change. the new farmers and ranchers provision is something we have worked hard on including in the bill. the importance of the snap and seniorsilies still need to put food on the table. the senate made some that's me -- m
percentage points after those police comments. criminal defense attorney drew is here with me. we were talking in the commercial break. my, how the system is so different in canada versus the u.s. in the u.s., if there's a video, throw it out there. >> even the chief of police made reference, that may be the way they do it in america. what's happened here is it's one thing that reporters made it available last may, but then last thursday when the chief of police specifically references the video, the mayor in fairness to him is saying, hey, it's one thing for those guys to do it, but you're the top law dog in the city, and now you're talking about it. well, let the people decide for themselves. the chief is hiding behind the rule in canada, it can't go out unless it goes through the court system and eventually the case. the mayor is saying there is no case. >> what do you make of the fact the mayor is saying show the video? i want everyone to see the video. the police contend he's smoking crack. >> either he's smoking crack because it's so stupid. >> why would he want to show everyone
.r. 330 which has patched the house as part of the most recent department of defense authorization bill by a vote of 392-1. at this time i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from arizona. mr. grijalva: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. grijalva: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. grijalva: thank you. h.r. 330 designates the memorial at the march field air museum in riverside, california, as the distinguished flying cross national memorial. the memorial to recipients of the u.s. air force distinguished flying cross was dedicated on october 27, 2010, and since then it stands as a proud symbol of remembrance and honor for all members of the u.s. armed forces who have demonstrated heroism and extraordinary achievement the distinguished flying cross is the oldest military award for aviation, but there is no national memorial to recognize the sacrifice
conduct of foreign policy to the defense matters, for economic matters, and i'm a strong supporter of it." >> reporter: jim sciutto, cnn washington. >> major league baseball's all-time home run leader has asked a federal appeals court to reconsider its refusal to overturn his felony obstruction conviction. barry bonds' legal team filed the request with the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals in san francisco. a three-judge panel of the 9th circuit upheld bonds' conviction in september. a jury found him guilty in april 2011. bonds is asking the court to assemble a special panel of 11 judges to rehear the case. bonds argues that he was wrongfully convicted of obstruction of justice for giving a rambling but truthful answer during a 2003 grand jury appearance. >> jon lester was superb once again as the boston red sox took a three-games-to- two lead in the world series. lester pitched into the eighth inning for the second time in the fall classic as the sox knocked off st. louis 3-1 in game 5. the lefty held the cardinals to a run and four hits while striking out seven over 7 2/3 innings. card
of their stand their ground laws. she said her son died because george zimmerman misinterpreted the self-defense law. >>> protesters marched through the streets of santa rosa, california, on the same day a 13-year-old fatally shot by a sheriffs deputy was laid to rest. andy lopez killed by an officer who mistook his pellet gun for an assault weapon. >>> and the wine shortage is going to get worse. consumption has been rising almost without interruption since the late '90s. but production has been on a downward spiral since the early 2000s. those are some of our top stories on this wednesday, october 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> all right. happy wednesday, everybody. ready to do a little halloween action? >> perfect day. it is hump day. right in the middle of the week. why not do some candy? >> we have favorite candies from way back. we have candies from the '60s, '70s -- i think we missed the '80s somehow. prepackaged candies. stuff that will blow your mind. >> from what i understand, there are overlap in the boxes. some of the
defense fund. we will get you all of those responses. there is money that is specifically designed for either outreach and education, the health centers have hired education average people as part of their outreach for personnel. it is a related cause. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, madam secretary, for being here. my understanding is a lot of the companies, insurers that have been offering plans in the individual market, the ones sending out these notices are actually repositioning themselves in the health insurance exchange to offer alternative plans. is that correct? sebelius: yep. >> in addition to those insurers and the individual market, you now have a lot of other companies and insurers providing plans the health care market. sebelius: that is true. >> i went to buy orioles tickets a while back when the season was underway and i was standing in line and got up to the ticket window and they closed the window. but i didn't have to go home because they opened another window a few feet away. essentially what's happening ass people are coming up on their renewal time, the
was talking to. >> and the defense, not cross-examining. >> it's smart of them. they could have called her to the stand. this was a tape introduced. they could have called her to the stand at age 12, to cross-examine her. they decided not to, smartly. they're going to bring in experts to challenge her memory. they're going to say this interview was done almost a year later. now, she's almost 12 years old, et cetera. i don't think that's going to change the impact of that -- and there is something substantive that's very important about her testimony, as well. she is saying that her mother was wearing certain clothes, including pants, that she was in a certain place in the tub. very different than what martin macneill has said and what authorities found when they got there. the claim by prosecutors is, that martin macneill may have manipulated the crime scene. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. >>> now, to the terrifying 911 call made by a kidnapper during a 100-mile-per-hour chase. frightening details of the young woman he has abducted, his ex-girlfriend. he puts the victim, herself, on the
story as the president launches a staunch defense of the exchanges. you were just talking about that. charlie hurt, angela mcglowan and juan williams on that topic. plus, the growing nsa scandal as a disturbing new report emerges about spying on google and yahoo! and our e-mail. and new evidence that a sars-like virus can spread from bats to humans. it's a scary story, if you will, just in time for halloween. "happening now." bill: see you, jenna, ten minutes away. >>> a mysterious barge off san francisco, it's got a lot of people asking what's that thing for? ♪ ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. martha: al
on the economic recovery and strengthen middle-class families. and we're going tyke up the defense authorization bill. which supports our 2r507s troops and ensures this nation does everything in our power to keep america safe from those who would do us harm. before we debate any of these matters we must consider can a number of vital nominations crug cl several stalled more than a year, one is to be somebody that has been wanting to work in the defense department. semithi about that. something vitally important for the pentagon and held up for a year on unrelated matter -- on unrelated matters. it's too bad. this has been held up by one republican senator. so we're going to move forward on this. we're going to do it very quickly. it's no secret the republicans have systemically slow walked or blocked scores of president obama's judicial and executive branch nominations. pending executive nominations have waited an average of five months. democrats have broken filibusters of 66 of the president's nominations and republicans have blocked or delayed more than that with secret holds and procedural h
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